Taking Care of Your Rotary Lobe Blower

Rotary lobe blowers are an integral part of many company's operations, and it's important to keep yours in good condition to ensure optimal uptime and reduce maintenance costs. Try implementing these habits in your workflow to save your business time and money!

Maintenance Checklist


1. Check the oil frequently upon intial installation to get a gauge of its consumption. Once you have noted it's average consumption, check once a week afterward to make sure it's still performing as expected. 

2. How often you should change the rotary lobe blower's oil depends on frequency of use. We typically recommend 200 hours of operation time to be considered normal. 

3. Make sure you're keeping all the nuts, bolts, and gears lubricated. We recommend checking in on this once a month.

4. Check the shaft alignment, belt tension, and general conditions at the beginning of every week. 

5. Check for hot spots in the cylinders or headplates. This is typically caused by a loose part that is rubbing somewhere in the roots blower. If you can't fix it by correcting the pump mounting, we'd recommend calling in an expert! 

6. Make sure the rotary lobe blower is clean — a.k.a. that no bolts, rags, or other debris have found their way inside any of the chambers. 

7. Check rotation by turning the drive shaft by hand and seeing if any bumping or rubbing occurs. 

8. Open the manual unloading valve in the discharge air line. If a valve is in the inlet piping, be sure it's open! 

This only scratches the surface of what all owning a rotary lobe blower entails, but if you follow these basic maintenance tips you'll be well on your way to avoiding some maintenance costs. 

Hope this helps! 

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